ECM Minutes

2023 September ECM

Ani-Wa’Ya will make Chapter shirt

Lodge flap in Sea Scout pocket shape discussed

2023 March ECM

2022 September ECM

Fellowship was reviewed by the officers.

Parker Harris was elected as the first Vice Chief of Conclave and Spirit.

Bylaws on the new VCCS position were made.

Mickey Stokes was awarded with the title of Lodge Advisor Emeritus.

2022 September ECM

2022 March ECM 

Attendance issues were addressed with some solutions.

Fellowship was reviewed by the Officers.

2022 March ECM

2022 January ECM

Attendance issues were addressed, and patch designs were approved.

2022 January ECM

2021  September ECM

Award nominations and price changes happened at this ECM.

2021 September ECM

2020 December ECM 

Changed BYLAWS about term limits of Lodge Officers and Chapter Officers, Ordeal weekends being in the Spring and

Fall were passed,  Prep begins for Corner Stone Conclave ,

2020 December ECM

2018 Fall Fellowship ECM

Josh Kirchner elected Dixie Vice Chief, Oolenoy to make epaulet, Inali will sell donuts, 


2018 Spring Fellowship ECM

A fishing shirt was approved to be made, $1700 was made at the patch auction



At this ECM, the Dixie patches for 2018 were passed, the Lodge leadership thought the LLDC was very successful.  


2017 May ECM


At this ECM, the bylaws are revised, the three-flap system is reinstated, the lodge “Tap-Out” ceremony is re-instated, a new Elangomat flap is unveiled, a new Planbook is unveiled, and the National Jamboree flaps are showcased. 

2017 Lodge Workday ECM

At this ECM, Matthew Watson is unanimously elected as Lodge Chief to fulfill the duration of the term. 

2015 Spring Fellowship ECM
AKK 185 ECM Spring Fellowship
At this ECM, a new logo for Sahkanaga was approved, it was decided that new Lodge t shirts would be designed, and the Council Exporee was discussed.

At this ECM, the Dixie spirit theme was chosen as “Canada”.

November 2014 ECM
AKK 185 ECM November 2
Food for Winter Banquet, NOAC, and Membership Chairman becomes Brotherhood Chairman.

2014 Fall Fellowship ECM
AKK 185 ECM Fall Fellowship
New Lodge Bylaws approved and Founders’ Award recipients decided.

September 2014 ECM
AKK 185 ECM September 14
At this ECM, the new bylaws were installed and the 75th anniversary merchandise was discussed.

August 2014 ECM
August 23 ECM
At this ECM, NOAC patches were voted on and it was decided that Inali Chapter was to be dissolved and the PreOrdeal circle moved.

March 2014 ECM
March ECM
At this ECM, Dixie merchandise, the 2014-2015 Patch Set were approved, Officer vacancies were taken care of, and the Tap-out was discontinued.

Fall Fellowship 2013 ECM
Fall Fellowship ECM
At this ECM, leather flaps were voted on and the Troop Reps were designated to be under the Camp Promotions chairman.

April, 2013 ECM
ECM 04-06-2013
Lodge t-shirt voted on, and the Lodge Display and a third set of bleachers were discussed.

2013 Spring Fellowship ECM
Spring fellowship ecm
It was decided that dinner would no longer be provided to Ordeal candidates and it was announced our Lodge received JTE gold in 2012.

February 2, 2013 ECM


At this ECM, it was voted on that Chapters must present patch designs to the ECM for approval and offsite Brotherhood questioning was discussed.