Lodge Goals

2017 Lodge Goals

  • Recharter with JTE Gold recognition and work towards Lodge of the Year
  • To promote camping and service in the Blue Ridge Council
  • To raise attendance at Chapter and Lodge activities
  • To increase dues renewal and encourage inactive members to return
  • To apply towards all possible national awards
  • To progress in preparation for the 2020 Dixie Fellowship hosted by Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge
  • To effectively implement the Troop Representative program alongside promotion of the Unit of Excellence Award
  • To reestablish the role of Lodge Committees
  • Through the Quest for Brotherhood Program, “Get Your Bars!” Campaign, introduction of Brotherhood certificates, the Extended Elangomat Program, and the return of Brotherhood flaps, significantly increase Brotherhood conversion
  • To promote and provide greater lengths of service to Camp Old Indian
  • To send leadership delegations to other SR-5 lodges to build upon our ties of brotherhood and learn their best practices