Lodge Goals

2017 Lodge Goals

  • Re-charter with JTE Gold recognition and work towards Lodge of the Year
  • To promote camping and service in the Blue Ridge Council
  • To raise attendance at Chapter and Lodge activities
  • To increase dues renewal and encourage inactive members to return
  • to continue preparation for the 2020 Dixie Fellowship hosted by Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge with Josh Kirchner as our Vice Chief of Dixie to effectively implement the Troop Representative program alongside promotion of the Unit to Excellence Award
  • To reestablish the role of Lodge Committees and encourage active arrow men to become Chairmen
  • Through the Quest for Brotherhood Program, “Get Your Bars!” Campaign, introduction of Brotherhood certificates, the Extended Elangomat Program, and the return of Brotherhood flaps, significantly increase Brotherhood conversion
  • To promote and provide greater lengths of service to Camp Old Indian
  • To send leadership delegations to other SR-5 lodges to build upon our ties of brotherhood and learn their best practices
  • To do well in events and preparation for the 2019 Dixie, hosted at Camp Bud Schiele