Ted Dreibrodt

A Living Legacy. There is no better way than to define what Ted Dreibrodt left behind after his passing in November of 2016. A dedicated Scouter, wise mentor, and dear friend to many, Ted will always be remembered. To commemorate his dedication and love for Scouting, the Lodge developed the Ted Dreibrodt Living Legacy Award, which is awarded annually to one (1) arrowman of the Lodge who has given a “lifetime” in cheerful service and devotion to mentoring youth. The selected individual must be an adult (21+) who has received their Vigil prior to nomination.


  1. Adult Member (21+)

  1. Nominated and voted on by the Lodge Executive Committee

  1. Provide a “lifetime” of service to the Lodge and devotion to mentoring youth

  1. Only one (1) awarded each year

  2. Candidate must have received their Vigil Honor prior to nomination

*In its inaugural year, 2017, the Lodge Key 3 approved the TDLLA to be awarded to two (2) Arrowmen, Michael Thompson and Mickey Stokes, as both had given years of service to the Lodge and were seen as equally qualified candidates*

2024 – Mac McLean

2023 – John Boseman

2022 – Tim Silvers

2021 – Glenn And Tracy Davis

2020 – Sandi Rice

2019 – David Hollar

2018 – Gary Dean

2017 – Michael Thompson and Mickey Stokes