New Members

Congratulations on joining the Order of the Arrow, Scouting’s premiere service and honor organization!

What does being in our Order mean? As a newly inducted Arrowman, you are now entitled to the privileges of our Order, and have also committed yourself to a new level of service to your Brothers and Scouting as a whole. Your troop felt that you embodied the Scout Oath and Law in such a way that you were elected by them to undergo the Ordeal and join the OA. This is a privilege and an honor. To be elected and then inducted into the Order is a commitment to service beyond one’s unit.

What do we do with this honor though? As a new member you are now entitled to join your Chapters, which you were assigned based on where your troop is chartered. Our Chapters have their own meetings which you are, of course, now invited to. At the Lodge level, you also have the privilege of joining us in Fellowship weekends, service workdays, banquets, cookouts, and even section conclaves with other Lodges from around the state and region.

We also have leadership opportunities within the OA that we would absolutely recommend you pursue. Whether that be within your Chapter, the Lodge, the Section, or even as high as the National Offices, there are leadership opportunities out there for everyone to get involved in.

Another piece you may find interesting is our American Indian Affairs (AIA). By being inducted, you have seen one small part of this opportunity. For more information you can contact our Vice-Chief of American Indian Affairs, whose email can be found under the Administration tab at the top of the webpage in the “Meet the Officers” dropdown.

The final piece of information you should know is that while you have earned your position in our Lodge, your journey is not over. After six months within our Order, you are eligible to seek Brotherhood membership and confirm your commitment to the ideals of the OA. For more information, please reference the Programs tab, then the “Get your Bars” dropdown. Also please feel free to reach out to your Chapter for help and guidance.

Congratulations Arrowmen, and welcome to our Brotherhood of Cheerful Service. We hope that in our Lodge, you will find a home and a place for growth in your Scouting journey.


Written by Joshua Browning, Vice-Chief of Inductions 2024