Unit Elections

The file below contains the 2022 revision of the Guide to Unit Elections, as well as the Unit Election Script, Unit Election Report, and various other relevant documents.

Unit Elections 2022 Revision

The Lodge is responsible for conducting unit elections in every troop in the council. All youth unit members, including non-OA members, elect those Scouts who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives to become OA members. In this way, membership is controlled by the youth in their own units and not by those who are already Arrowmen. The unit elections team need to be prepared and do an excellent job when they visit a unit.  Some of the members of the unit will never become members of the Order of the Arrow. Their experience with the Order of the Arrow during the unit elections may be their only exposure to the Order. The performance of the unit elections team can create a very positive image of the Order of the Arrow with both the youth and adult members of the unit. The team must ensure that elections are meaningful experiences for the Scouts and leaders, for Arrowmen in the unit who are conducting the election, and for the new candidates being elected.  The team members should be recruited well in advance of the election so they have plenty of practice time for the presentation.  The Order should be represented by a two- or three-member team from the Chapter unit elections committee. All elections team members must be trained and in proper uniform during the election. Immediately after the election the Unit Elections Report is completed and signed by the elections team members to certify the results. Please show the video below at the election.

Elections Video (2020)


Elections Video

Lodge Troop Election Team Training Video