Lodge Activities

New Member Inductions:

On Thursday nights at Camp Old Indian resident camp, new member inductions are held, beginning with a Tap-Out and Pre-Ordeal Ceremony. Ordeal candidates perform hard work all day Friday. Friday evening is marked by the Ordeal Ceremony, followed by a cracker-barrel. Elangomats are needed for the Ordeal, and this is a great way to gain in your understanding of the Ordeal or to support a friend during their Ordeal.

Winter Banquet:

At the beginning of each year, Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge holds its Winter Banquet. The Banquet offers a time for Arrowmen and their families to come together with other Arrowmen to enjoy a delicious meal. Guest speakers are featured at the Banquets, and often a special program will complement the night’s activities. Some past speakers have included elected officials, national Officers of the Order, former camp staff members, and even the Lodge’s first Chief. In addition, the Lodge Officers for the year are recognized at the Banquet. Also, awards from the past year are presented, including the prestigious Founder’s Award. Traditionally, Banquets have been held at a central location and remained relatively inexpensive. Hopefully you and your family will be able to attend the next Winter Banquet.

Lodge Fellowships:

Fellowships are a time to meet old friends and create new ones within the Order. The Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge has two Fellowships each year: one in the Spring and the other in the Fall. Arrowmen from around the Blue Ridge Council gather at Camp Old Indian for such things as work projects, patch trading, seminars, quest events, ceremonies, American Indian dancing, and great food. At the Spring Fellowship, we have a Brotherhood ceremony and the annual patch auction. The Lodge Officers are elected at Fall Fellowship. At the Fall Fellowship, we have another Brotherhood ceremony and the Vigil Honor induction. At many Fellowships, we complete projects to improve Camp Old Indian. Chapters are encouraged to camp together at Fellowships in order to build unity. The activities are planned by the Vice Chief of Administration in consultation with the Lodge Executive Committee. New ideas from Arrowmen are strongly welcomed, and all Lodge members are encouraged to submit designs for Fellowship patches to Lodge Officers. All Arrowmen are encouraged to come to the Spring and Fall Fellowships. To attend, simply pre-register with the form that accompanies your Little Carpenter newsletter, visit the Lodge website, or call the Scout Office. The Lodge tries to make fellowships affordable to encourage high attendance. We hope to see you all at the next Lodge fellowship!

Cornerstone Conclave

The Cornerstone Conclave is conducted by Section E-7, which includes Atta Kulla Kulla and nine other Lodges in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia. This “granddaddy” of all fellowships promises an action-packed weekend in April. Each year, the  Cornerstone Conclave is hosted by a different Lodge in Section E-7. The number of delegates the Lodge can send to  Cornerstone Conclave varies, depending on the size of the camp that hosts Cornerstone Conclave that year. At the Cornerstone Conclave, Lodges compete in numerous areas: Team Dance, Individual Dance, Quest Events, Ceremonies, Knowledge & Training, Totem Pole Carving, Planbook, Website, Newsletter, Lodge Display, and many others. Of great interest to many Arrowmen are the Quest Events, which include Tug-of-War, Cross-Country, Fire Building, Rifle Shooting, etc. Section Officers are elected at the Cornerstone Conclave. Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge requires that you attend at least one of the preceding Fellowships in order to attend the Cornerstone Conclave.

Lodge Leadership Development Conference:

All Lodge and Chapter Officers, Advisers, and interested Arrowmen are invited and encouraged to attend this training seminar. The LLDC includes various sessions on leadership, the role of Chapters and Advisers, unit elections, American Indian heritage and other topics of interest to Arrowmen. Goals are established for the new year and new lodge officers are able to showcase their abilities.

Wednesday Night Dance Pageant:

The Wednesday Night Dance Pageants, held at Camp Old Indian, are put on by the Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge Dance Team with the cooperation of the camp staff. These Pageants are held each week of camp. You are encouraged to attend at least one of the Dance Pageants each year.  This is a good way that showcases the AIA and what it has accomplished throughout the year.

Vigil Honor Call-Out:

The Vigil Call-Out is a very important event in the Lodge because the Vigil nominees are announced for the upcoming year. For every 50 active members in the Lodge, only one may be nominated for the Vigil Honor. The Call-Out Ceremony is held as part of the Wednesday program activities the same night as the Lodge Cookout. After Call-Out, there is a reception in the Dining Hall for all new Vigil candidates and their families, along with current Vigil members.

Lodge Cookout:

Another great event for Arrowmen and their families to enjoy fellowship – and FOOD!  The Lodge Cookout is typically held on a Wednesday evening during summer camp at Camp Old Indian. There is a catered BBQ meal and fellowship for all.  Everyone in your family is invited to attend.

National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC):

The National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) is usually held every two years at a college or university near the center of the United States. A large location is required because this is a huge event. Arrowmen from across the country come together for five days of training sessions, competitions, patch trading, and shows. There is something new every day, and it is virtually impossible to run out of things to do. NOAC is an excellent opportunity to participate in the Order.

National Leadership Seminar (NLS):

The National Leadership Seminar is a special honor for those members who are Lodge and Chapter Officers. It is a weekend conference to which the Lodge can send no more than ten Arrowmen. The conference concentrates on the application of leadership in any situation. At the end of this challenging course, participants make contracts with themselves to apply their skills toward their Lodge, Council, and community.

Chapter Meetings:

Chapter meetings are Generally held once a month during the school year.  These meetings are vital to the success of the Lodge because they are smaller groups that focus on preparing for the Lodge events. If the Chapter in your area does not have regular Chapter meetings, please contact your Chapter Chief to help start them.  Chapters perform important service projects for their community generally on a twice a year basis. Chapter meetings are an important way to deepen friendships with other Arrowmen in your area and to learn about happenings in the Lodge.  For more information on your specific chapter, please visit the chapter tab at the top of the page.  If you do not know which chapter you are located in, there is a helpful image on the chapter page.