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Check In/Check Out
Anyone leaving or arriving at times other than Sunday check-in or Saturday check-out should sign in and out at the Camp Office.

The camp has daily mail service. No mail should be sent to the Scout after Wednesday because it will not arrive in time. Mail should be addressed as follows:
Scout or Leader Name ________
Troop or Crew No. ______
Camp Old Indian
601 Callahan Mountain Road
Travelers Rest, SC 29690

Order of the Arrow
National Policy Regarding OA Ceremonies
Youth and adults elected into [the Order] have earned the exclusive privilege of learning … concepts aimed at developing leadership abilities through a safeguarded ceremonial induction. The Order’s ceremonies are not public nor are they in any way meant to be a social affair. Although the content of the ceremonies are private, they were written to avoid offending any religious belief and have received the approval of religious leaders. The ceremonies are true to Scout tradition and within the spirit of the Scout Oath and Law. (From Order of the Arrow Handbook.)
LEADERS: Please advise non-OA members including parents, adults, and other leaders regarding OA ceremonial policy: Ordeal and Brotherhood Ceremonies are not open to non-members! The Callout on Wednesday is the only public recognition ceremony. The National Policy prohibits non-members from viewing OA ceremonies. Please discuss with the OA Lodge Advisers any questions about ceremonial policy procedure. Camp will adhere to National policy regarding OA ceremonies.

Camp Facilities

Camp Old Indian houses its campers and leaders in permanent housing. Campsites are comprised of either cabins or adirondacks. Adirondacks are three-sided units with an over-hanging roof. Most hold four persons and their gear. Some adirondacks hold eight persons and have a built-in table shelter.
Latrines are located throughout camp, in or nearby all camp sites. Hot showers are available at all shower-houses.
Field Sports Area
The Rifle, Shotgun, and Archery Ranges have been built and certified according to Boy Scouts of America standards. The camp furnishes .22 caliber rifles, archery equipment, and shotguns for use on the ranges. Field Sports will offer free (unscheduled) shooting during Twilight. There’s no charge for archery, but shotgun costs $2.00 per five shots and rifle is $0.25 for five shots. Twilight is extended Monday an extra 30 minutes. Shooting during 6th period will be offered only to those Scouts taking shotgun, archery, and rifle shooting merit badges. A charge of $1.00 will be made for each lost or broken arrow. The Field Sports Director has absolute authority for all activities at the Field Sports Range.
Scoutcraft Area
The Scoutcraft Area includes a program shelter and tarps with tables for merit badge instruction. It also features displays of Scoutcraft skills, a rope yard, and an axe yard.
Handicraft Lodge
The Handicraft Lodge offers leatherwork, wood carving, and other craft supplies for sale. It also houses tools for merit badge and craft work.
Nature Lodge
The nature lodge houses resources for ecology-conservation related merit badge classes. It includes animals, displays, literature, and other items.
Waterfront The Camp Old Indian Waterfront includes lakes for snorkeling, swimming, rowing, canoeing, and fishing. Scouts and leaders may swim at the first lake during the times listed on the program schedules. “Free swim” is open to everyone according to their swim classification. Non-swimmer instruction will also be available during the week. A swimmer must accompany a non-swimmer in a row boat. And only swimmers are allowed in canoes unless the non-swimmer is with a 21-year-old certified lifeguard. Everyone using row boats and canoes must wear a lifejacket. Absolutely no camper or leader will use the waterfront without a medical form and swim test. The Aquatics Director has absolute authority for all activities held at the waterfront area.
There are three classifications of swimmers at camp. Scouts and leaders will take a swim check test Sunday afternoon to determine their swimming classification. The classification and swim test requirements are listed below.
1. Non-swimmer – get in the water
2. Beginner – jump into water over one’s head, level off, swim 25 feet, turn sharply, and return to start
3. Swimmer – jump into water over head, level off, swim 75 yards in a strong manner using side, breast, crawl, or trudgen strokes. Then swim 25 yards using an elementary back stroke. At the end of the 100 yards, show rest by floating.
Trading Post
The Trading Post has Scout literature, t-shirts, souvenirs, and refreshments for sale. It also serves as the camp post office and lost-and-found station. Visa and Mastercard are accepted.
Health Lodge
The Peden Health Lodge serves as a 24-hour contact location for a unit’s first aid needs. The Health Lodge features an isolation room and bathroom for sick campers.

Dining Hall
Patterson Lodge is a state of the art dining facility. It features dual cafeteria-style serving lines and seats up to 420 persons.
1. Units will be assigned tables on Sunday afternoon and will sit at these tables for every meal.
2. Table waiters will be assigned for every table and will serve for three meals beginning Sunday evening, then rotating with other Scouts in the troop.
3. Table waiters will report to the Director at the dining hall at 7:45 a.m. for breakfast, 12:15 p.m. for lunch, and 5:45 p.m. for dinner.
4. Table waiters will set up their Troop seating area before meals, and will clear the area after meals. Clean-up includes wiping tables and sweeping around the tables.
5. After the meal, no one is to leave the dining hall until they are dismissed by the Director.
Most unit tables will have a seat reserved for a Camp Old Indian staff member. The table waiter should pick up the totem for the staff member he wants and place it at his table. Totems allow for positive interaction between the Staff and Scouts. No wet bathing suits, chewing gum, hats, hiking staffs, or flag poles are allowed in the dining hall.
Dining Hall menus are well-balanced and designed to feed hungry boys. In addition to the main entree offered at each meal, other options are available for those with special dietary needs. Cereal and bagels are breakfast options; peanut butter, jelly, and a salad bar are available at most noon and evening meals. Be sure to notify the Director of any special needs before camp.
Handicap Accommodations
Camp Old Indian believes that all registered leaders and members deserve to experience summer camp. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to attend. The Maria Dukes Lodge is camp’s handicap accessible facility. It features a wheelchair ramp and a built-in shower/restroom. Preference will be given to units with participants requiring special accommodations.

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