High Adventure

OA Trail Crew – Philmont Scout Ranch
Watching the sun rise upon the mountain horizon of Mount Baldy is a memorable experience that one will remember for the rest of their life. The Order of the Arrow wants to provide you with the chance to experience that moment and to explore the backcountry of the Philmont Scout Ranch where Arrowmen from across the country gather each summer to take part in fellowship, fun and service.

All Arrowmen who arrive are separated into crews led by OA Trail Crew Foremen who have been trained in various conservation techniques used to assist in solidifying in the pristineness that is Philmont.

During the first week, participants will labor with the other participants to provide service to the Ranch with each other by engaging in trail building and to help rebuild some of the area destroyed in past wildfires. After this week, crews design their very own trek that is unique to those involved in the experience.

As a participant, what you say is what you do. Some choose to climb to the heights on Mount Baldy, others choose to enjoy the sights from Mount Phillips and still some choose to explore historic Philmont with its caves, mines and villas.

Maybe what you are looking for is the final descent from the Tooth of Time upon base camp. Whatever your fancy, Philmont has what you are looking for but only through the Order of the Arrow will you be given the opportunity to utilize the synergy of brotherhood that will take you to Philmont’s ultimate depths.

For more information about the Trail Crew program or any of the other Order of the Arrow sponsored High Adventure programs, please visit adventure.oa-bsa.org or ask your lodge chief. Sign up today!

Ocean Adventure – Florida Sea Base

Want to go swimming with the fishes this summer? If so, the Order of the Arrow’s Ocean Adventure is for you. Who else can say that they learned to scuba dive, helped save the earth and had a lot of fun with total strangers all in two weeks? YOU can if you sign up today for the Order of the Arrow’s most popular summer service adventure program.

During the first week, participants are instructed and certified as scuba divers and the second week, they will be rebuilding some of the natural surroundings destroyed by the ecosystem and natural disasters.

This unique opportunity will challenge a person physically and mentally as you will be marching in uncharted territory. Only the Order of the Arrow’s Ocean Adventure can provide you with this chance to enjoy nature at its best in a prime location such as Key West.

For more information about the OA Ocean Adventure or any of the other high adventure programs, please visit adventure.oa-bsa.org. Come on, take the plunge; sign up for the Ocean Adventure of a lifetime.

Wilderness Voyage – Charles L. Sommers Canoe Base

Have you ever seen the Northern Lights or portaged a canoe? If not, then the Order of the Arrow has the opportunity for you to participate in the OA Voyage Program at Northern Tier Canoe Base in Ely, Minnesota.

Since 1999, the Order of the Arrow has provided Arrowmen between the ages of 16 and 21, the opportunity to explore and service the Boundary Waters and some of the most pristine wildlife seen by few. Even if you have portaged a canoe or participated in the program previously, there are other opportunities available to you.

All participants in the program are placed into crews that will service a portage trail for one week as it is imperative as members of the Boy Scouts of America to leave things better than we found them.

After learning how to use a variety of tools and how to effectively perform a “J-stroke,” you and your crew will design your very own trek. These treks are unique in that many of them are longer and travel to uncharted territory than the normal crews that leave the base.

Not very many people whom you go to school with or work with can say that they have paddled 185 miles by canoe to International Falls or portaged the final 4 miles that leads to Lake Superior.

These examples are experiences that will live with those crew members, who made some of the Voyage’s memorable journeys. Experiences are what shape the people we will become in the future. Sign up today for a journey, you will surely not regret.

For more information about this program or any of the Order of the Arrow’s High Adventure programs, please visit adventure.oa-bsa.org or talk to your lodge chief. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime and try something new. Discover the hidden gem of the BSA, discover the OA Voyage at Northern Tier!

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