Founder’s Award

With the death of Dr. E. Urner Goodman on March 13, 1980, the National Order of the Arrow Committee decided in 1981 to create the Founder’s Award as a tribute to the Order’s founders. Unlike most awards in Scouting, the Founder’s Award has no criteria set by the National Boy Scouts of America. Instead, each Lodge is expected to develop its own procedures for the awarding of this prestigious recognition. Therefore, the Founder’s Award has a unique meaning to each Lodge. However, one characteristic remains the same, only the most dedicated Arrowmen are considered for the award. It is only reserved for those Arrowmen who demonstrate and memorialize in their everyday life the spirit of achievement as described by our Founders, Dr. E. Urner Goodman and Carroll A. Edson.

Our Lodge first presented the Founder’s Award in 1983, and the service rendered to Scouting by past, present, and future Founder’s Award recipients should encourage others to emulate their dedication to Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge and the Boy Scouts of America.

Each recipient is presented with an official certificate approved and issued by the National Order of the Arrow Committee, a handsome bronze medallion bearing the likenesses of our Founders, and an Award ribbon that has a gold arrow suspended from a red ribbon.

Founder’s Award Video

Following are the Founder’s Award recipients of Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge 185, listed by the month and the year they were presented.

Year – Youth Recipient/Adult Recipient

Feb. 2024 Elijah Aiken / JR Clark

Jan. 2023 Wilson Stokes / Johnny Ray Smith

Feb. 2022 Rose Reese / Glenn Davis

June. 2020 Aiden Koschnitzki / Gary Dean

Jan. 2020 – Josh Kirchner/  David Hollar

Jan. 2019 – Lawrence Coleman/ Sandi Rice

Jan. 2018 – Jakob Helderman/ Michael Stokes

Jan. 2017 – Ben Rosenberger/ Ed Patton

Jan. 2016 – Matthew Watson/ Josh Hipps

Jan. 2015 – David Buchanan/ Jim Culwell

Feb. 2014 – John Flint/ Rick Turner

Feb. 2013 – Tyler White/ David White

Jan. 2012 – Nate Newsome/Dan Newsome

Jan. 2011 – Trent Gillingham/Dr. Bill Dukes

Feb. 2010 – Brian Almond/Dennis Barnes

Feb. 2009 – Marshall Gagne/Greg Bajan

Feb. 2008 – Eric Buchanan/Doc Rabon

Feb. 2007 – Hamilton Barnes/Virginia Matthews

Feb. 2006 – Matthew Cousins/Russell Smart

Feb. 2005 – Ryan Bajan/Jeff Pekarek

Feb. 2004 – Ben Pochardt/Willie Couch

Feb. 2003 – Justin Rakey/Doug Henry

Feb. 2002 – Barratt Park/Dewey Barefield

Feb. 2001 – Michael Kirby/Karl Nolte

Feb. 2000 – Matthew Wade/Ted Dreibrodt

Feb. 1999 – Travis Greer/Gary Greer

Feb. 1998 – Gage Smith/Vicki Smith

Dec. 1996 – Ben Muldrow/John H. Thompson

Feb. 1996 – Trey Garland/Wayne Young

Feb. 1995 – Chris Muldrow/Tommy Smith

Feb. 1994 – Tim Cooper/David Peden

Feb. 1993 – Russell Cann/Mac McLean

Feb. 1992 – Robby Brady/Ches Martin

Feb. 1991No Award/No Award

Feb. 1990 – Todd Shealy/Ernie Bailey

Feb. 1989 – John Ireland/Jimmy Stepp

Feb. 1988 – Greg Moore/Tex Qualls

Feb. 1987No Award/No Award

Feb. 1986 – Michael Thompson/Jimmy Worthy

Feb. 1985 – Tim Hunt/Jim Ross

Feb. 1984 – Andy Swords/Buster Andrews

Feb. 1983 – James D. Johnson/Dan Merritt*

*Note: Dan Merritt received a plaque instead of the Founder’s Award. The Founder’s Award is only given to Brotherhood or Vigil Honor members. A plaque is given to Ordeal members.