2015 Camp Workday

JakobnewBrothers, I hope you will make an effort to join us for the Lodge Workday this upcoming Saturday, May the 9th. First I would remind everyone that this workday is not just for OA members but anyone from any unit who wants to assist getting the camp ready to open.

OA personnel should coordinate their units and spread word about the workday at Unit meetings this week.

Volunteers should arrive at camp between 9 and 9:30 AM on Saturday May 9. Check in at the camp office for where you will be working. Plan to work until 3-4PM if possible. Bring work gloves, lunch, wheel barrows, and pitch forks for mulch. Adults only use power equipment if brought for trimming shrubs. Work day is rain or shine.

Projects are:

Mulching the pines and heavy use area along main road in camp.

Weed and trim shrubs around dining hall and trading post.

Go to campsites, sweep out cabins and bath houses (also do good cleaning of bath houses) and do repairs on mattresses with duct tape ( after cleaning with soap and water and drying)

Working on the OA Lodge Storage building (painting new shelves, trim, and general cleanup)

May be chapel work for a few depending on progress this week

May be trail work if enough people but the main camp projects have priority

Camp should provide duct tape, sponges and cleaning materials for bath houses.

For any questions or concerns please contact myself or Vic Shelburne.

Thank you and I hope to see everyone there!

Jakob Helderman