Lodge Updates

2022 Dues and Registration fees

Hello Brothers,

By clicking the following links you will be able to access documents that allow you to pay for your dues and events for the 2022 year.

After careful consideration with the increases in the BSA Scouting fee increases, Atta Kulla Kulla has decided to increase dues from $10 to$12. Fellowships $32 to $45 to account for better quality food, Ordeal; $55 for candidates and $25 for OA Members attending, Cook Out and Banquet staying $25, Whippoorwill Club $120-$150, and finally All Access Pass is $135 and Whippoorwill Pass to $130.

These increases were voted on and pass without opposition at the Fall Fellowship ECM 9/19/21

Sign up for all your Order of the Arrow Events here

2022 OA Dues – https://scoutingevent.com/551-54351

2022 OA All Access Pass – https://scoutingevent.com/551-54626

2022 OA Whippoorwill Club All Access Pass – https://scoutingevent.com/551-54627

LLDC (Lodge Leadership Development Conference) –https://scoutingevent.com/551-OALLDC2022

Winter Banquet – https://scoutingevent.com/551-2022OAwinterbanquet

Spring Fellowship – https://scoutingevent.com/551-55030

Corner Stone Conclave Fellowship – https://scoutingevent.com/551-54354

Lodge Cookout – https://scoutingevent.com/551-54355

Fall Fellowship – https://scoutingevent.com/551-54356


Jayden Loftis