What is AIA?

CeremoniesFellow Arrowmen, I would like to thank all the boys and adults that came out to Haygood Mill. All and all I think it was a great turnout and I believe the boys had fun and learned a little as well fortunately!

So thank you for all who came out to support us.Now another thing that has come to my attention is that maybe not all of our Arrowmen know what we do in AIA or what it stands for. So this email should help clear some things up. First things first, AIA stands for American Indian Affairs. In American Indian Affairs we are the people who preform the ceremonies, social dances, and a Pow-wow drum. I believe I speak for everyone that we all know what the ceremonies are. It is the first thing you see when you get elected and right after your ordeal. Social dances are dances that we do as a group and honor our local Indigenous tribe, commonly referred to as Native Americans, which in our case is the Cherokee tribe. Finally the Pow-wow drum is when we get to sit around a big drum and sing.

In my opinion AIA is the most fun and I think it’s the best part that I have ever done in our lodge and as a Scouter. I believe that if you give it a chance you will fall in love with it the same way I have. I will be sending out an email at a later time talking about our next meeting. I will say the meeting will be within the first two weekends in December. Now if you have any personal questions on anything about AIA, I will be more than happy to answer them just shoot me an email at

In Brotherhood,
Jake Rice
Vice Chief of American Indian Affairs