2015 Lodge Anniversary Planbook

IMG_2284[1]Hello Brothers! Below is a link to our 2015 anniversary Lodge planbook! It is my pleasure to invite you to join me in a walk through the history of our Lodge and Order. The legacy of our Brothers from the past lives on and in here, you will find exciting histories, stories, and explanations about Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge.

I encourage each of you to reflect this year and delve into our Lodge’s history. From service to the Upstate community to our various customs and traditions, all of your answers can be found within this amazing guide! It has been a great honor serving you and a great deal of work has gone into this planbook during the history of our Lodge. Let’s make the next century of cheerful service even brighter!

In Cheerfulness,

Matthew Watson
Vice Chief of Communications

2015 Lodge Anniversary Planbook