A New Website for AKK

IMG_2284[1]Hello Arrowmen, it’s our 75th anniversary and we are now entering the next era of our Brotherhood that began at Treasure Island 100 years ago. To commemorate our historic anniversaries, I have developed a new website for our Lodge. This current website is different from the one rebuilt in 2012.

It now has a more modern look and is fit for our current, and next generation of Arrowmen.
The site will continue to be improved in hopes that the Lodge will succeed in the website competitions at Dixie and NOAC. The website is still located at our same web-address:

I hope you all enjoy the new site and stay up to date on what’s new in the Lodge and the Order! I always look forward to hearing feedback and you can contact me anytime at

In Cheerful Service,
Matthew Watson
Vice Chief of Communications