Little Carpenter Winter Edition

MatthewHello Brothers! The wait is over! 2015 is here and the centennial celebration has officially begun. For 75 years, the Little Carpenter has informed the Arrowmen of our Lodge and the 2015 Winter Edition is now ready for your enjoyment!

Inside, you will find amazing articles on various topics including the amazing success of the recent Gobbler Grab, a recap of the National Planning Meeting, and a preview at what is to come during the centennial and our Lodge’s 75 anniversary. As a side note, anyone in our Lodge is more than welcome to submit an article to the Little Carpenter. If you are ever interested in submitting an article or you have any questions whether it’s the website or any of our communications, please contact me at WWW

In Cheerful Service,
Matthew Watson
Vice Chief of Communications

Little Carpenter Winter Edition 2015