Final Dixie Update

We still have open slots available if anyone still wants to attend Dixie. Dixie will be at Camp Coker this year and directions to the camp are attached along with a map of Camp Coker.
A completed medical form is required for all Scouts/Scouters attending Dixie to have on file at Camp Coker. The BSA Part A & B forms are attached. We need medical forms parts A & B from anyone attending and the last of them will be picked up at the Council Office on Thursday, so please have them there by noon. Please remember that our spirit theme for this Dixie is Superheroes – let’s show all of the Lodges the spirit AKK is famous for! Bring everything you can think of to make your superhero stand out. You can use made-up superheroes as long as they are scouting appropriate. The theme is general and is not limited only to the Avengers or Marvel.

For those of you who ordered the new Atta Kulla Kulla hats and double sided NOAC flap sets at Spring Fellowship. These items are now in stock and will brought to Dixie this weekend. For those not attending Dixie and for those who preordered Dixie items and could not pick your Items up. They will be avalible for pickup at the scout office. Starting Monday the 28th of April.

Be sure to also bring a tent to sleep in along with other camping supplies you would need for the weekend such as a sleeping bag. I have also attached some photos to get you excited about our spirit. I can’t wait to see all of you at Dixie this weekend!

In Cheerful Service,

Matthew Watson
Vice Chief of Administration

Dixie Avenger Photos
Dixie Maps & Medical form & Registration