Oconostota Chapter
(Reedy Falls District)

Visit our website here: http://jkujathscout.wix.com/oconostotaoa

We are named after the great warrior of the Cherokee tribe and friend of Chief Atta Kulla Kulla, Chief Oconostota. Oconostota Arrowmen, winners of the 2012 Fall Fellowship Spirit Award, actively communicate via e-mail and in-person at meetings and special events. We formally meet as a Chapter at St. Giles Presbyterian Church, typically at 7 PM on the 4th Thursday of each month. Months where there is an AKK Lodge Fellowship, the Chapter meeting is held at the Fellowship. Location and dates may change for both meetings and special Oconostota Chapter events, so check your meeting notice or contact the Chapter Chief or Adviser for that information.
Well-planned by the Chief and his officers, our meetings cover a myriad of items on the quest to become Chapter of the Year. There are many opportunities in the Oconostota Chapter for Arrowmen to obtain and practice your leadership skills to supplement your Troop opportunities. You have the opportunity to participate in planning for significant service projects, usually incorporating weekend Oconostota Chapter fellowships/campouts, and to attend and participate actively in AKK Lodge Fellowships, OA activities at summer camp & regional Dixie Fellowships. We help Ordeal Arrowmen plan for becoming Brotherhood by presenting different segments of Quest for Brotherhood at meetings. Tasks and special activities within the chapter are led by Scout Arrowmen, with Adult Arrowmen serving as advisers.
Officers are elected at the Fall Fellowship and take office immediately.
Meeting uniform is Field Uniform (Class “A”) with OA sash.
Membership in the Oconostota Chapter is open to all Arrowmen whose Scout units meet within the Reedy Falls District. There are no Chapter dues.

Meetings typically 7-8:30 PM at St. Giles Presbyterian Church (1021 Hudson Road Greenville, SC 29615).

Chief: Justin Kujath
Advisor: Stephen Broadwater