Lodge History Book

During the anniversary year of 2015, a Lodge History Book was assembled as a key part of the centennial legacy project.

Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge Legacy History Book

The Get Your Bars Guide

The Get Your Bars Guide is a helpful resource with plenty of insight to help you better understand the Ordeal and prepare you for Brotherhood conversion.

Get Your Bars Guide

The Little Carpenter

The Little Carpenter is the official publication of the Order of the Arrow Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge 185. This publication is named after the Cherokee meaning of our Lodge’s name, named after Chief Attakullakulla. Issues are edited by the Vice Chief of Communications, and are sent out through the LodgeMaster email system every month.

2013 January Little Carpenter
2013 Spring Little Carpenter
2013 Fall Little Carpenter
2014 February Little Carpenter
2014 March Little Carpenter
2014 Summer Little Carpenter
2014 Fall Little Carpenter
2015 Winter Little Carpenter
2015 Spring Little Carpenter
2015 Summer Little Carpenter
2016 Winter Little Carpenter

Lodge Planbook

A Lodge Planbook is produced each year and is a guide to the Lodge. Inside the Planbook is the Lodge calendar, bylaws, general information about the Lodge, and much more! The latest Lodge Planbook can be found below.

2015 Lodge Anniversary Planbook

Where To Go Camping Guide

We hope you find this issue of our “Where To Go Camping” book very useful. Inside, you will discover a special section on each of the destinations chosen as the best of the Upstate and more. Read on and happy camping!

2015 WTGC Guide

Other Publications

SR-5 Five Feathers


The National Bulletin
The National Bulletin is the official publication of the National Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America. It is published quarterly. Our Lodge has had many historical milestones with the National Bulletin over the years. Multiple articles about the Lodge have appeared, and leaders of the national communications team have come from the Lodge including Greg Bajan and Matthew Watson.