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Dues Payments
1. Traditional – You can simply pay your dues or fees at a Lodge event filling out all the required paperwork there. Pay with cash or check.

2. Traditional with Debit card option – This year you will be able to fill out a onetime debit card charge form. This form will allow the Lodge to bill your Debit/Credit card one time and then destroy the paperwork. Forms will be processed at the council office.

3. Online Pre-payment – This is a new option the Lodge is offering this year. You can pay your dues/fees before you arrive at a Lodge event, or at the event with your internet-enabled device by following the link provided here. You can also copy and paste the link below into your browser.


4. Online payment – The Lodge will provide access to this website on Wednesday nights at Camp after the pageant for you to fill out using the Lodge Smartphone. Also, this payment will be available at the various Lodge events.

5. Mobile pay – Also this year the Lodge will be offering Mobile pay through BlackBaud. This is a card reader similar to “square” using the Lodge Smartphone. This feature can be used for dues, One Eight Five Store trading post items and future events. As with all new services and technology there will be a learning curve with this new process. So please bear with us. Also the company we are using is charging a fee for this service. There will be a $1 charge for every $10 spent added to all transactions using Debit/Credit cards.

6. Council Office – You can also register for events, pay dues, and purchase Lodge merchandise by visiting or calling the Council Office and talking to the Council Receptionist.

2015 NOAC Fundraiser
NOAC Fundraiser Set

75th Anniversary Catalog
Anniversary Catalog

National OA  Store

Lodge Nametags
New Hats
AKK Tervis Tumbler
AKK belt buckle
AKK Jacket

Lodge Passes and Event Registration
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Misc. Forms
Lodge Master Form
Whippoorwill Club (Lifetime Membership)

BSA Medical Form
BSA Health Form AB

2017 Vigil Honor Nomination Form
Coming soon

Dixie 2017 Registration
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